Origin of Slate Lite

Slate-Lite is an extra thin material consisting of a stabilizing backing and a top layer of natural stone.

To manufacture the Slate-Lite only the most impressive and outstanding blocks of slates & mycas are used. The maximum sizes of the blocks are 3m in length, 1,5m width and hight of 0,7m. A single block may have a weight up to 5 tons.

Our unique processing technique enables us to gain up to 300 sheets of Slate-Lite out of a 5cm thick block of natural stone. This procedure is not only effective, it gives us a chance to save resources, so that we take our part in a more eco-friendly world. Additional, due to the light weight of Slate-Lite, which is approx. 1,5kg per m², a lot of energy used for transportation can be saved. All ingredients used in our products are free of any harmful substances.

That’s why we take pride in the words:

We offer a green and eco-friendly product!

This eco-friendly orientation takes place in each step from the natural stone block to your final project. Choosing the right blocks, preparing the blocks for the manufacturing process, applying the backing the right way, doing the quality control and sorting the material so it is ready for transportation to places all over the world is the long way our product has to travel and we want to make sure to produce the highest quality possible, by taking care of our environment.

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