R&D GmbH sees itself as a finder of innovations. In order to make working with its products more efficient, R&D GmbH continuously researches and tests product enhancements and applications.



Logistic Expertise

R&D GmbH and its strong partners are always able to offer you the best logistics solutions, so that your goods arrive quickly and safely to your required dates and desired location.

Quality Management

Quality is a key competitive advantage. Thus, our products are accompanied by a sophisticated quality management starting with the sourcing of raw materials, throughout production and to their final delivery. A German quality manager continuously checks and enhances these standards.




Warehouses with more than 10.000 m² of goods are located worldwide. This and the combination with an outstanding consignment enable us to deliver your desired goods quickly and efficiently. No matter the quantity, R&D GmbH is by your side.

Project Monitoring

R&D GmbH has a strong expertise in working with the Slate-Lite product. Thus, we can assist throughout the decision making process. Starting with the choice of material or quantities, as well as logistic planning and application of our products, we are ready to help.




Through strong partners with bundled expertise around the world, R&D GmbH has an incredibly strong distribution network. No matter where you are located, Asia, North America or Europe, R&D GmbH has knowledgeable partners ready to help with any set of problems.